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  • Cleanings:ByROOM

$20 Bathrooms

$20 Kitchen-except Inside Oven

$20 Bedrooms

$10 Floors

$10 Dusting

$5 Blinds/each/Bleaching included


  • DeepCleaning:ByRoom

$10 Bleaching 

$10 Baseboards

$20 Windows-Inside/Outside

$20 Rust

$20 Floor Stains-Hand Scrubbed

$20 Oven/Stove-Inside and Outside

$20 Extras



  • Automatic Pay- Prices anything over 1500 sq ft

1500+ Sq. Feet House Bottom Floor- $175+

Double Wide- 3 Bedroom 2 bath $100

Single Wide- 1 or 2 Bedroom 1 Bath $50+

  • Top to Bottom Cleanings- $25/hr

  • $25/hr

If anything else is wanted, we can talk it over! Feel free to message or call!

Cleanings Priced Per House-Estimated Room/ Sq. Foot or $25/hr

Birthday Sale-$10/hr


Quotes First before Pricing! Tools and Paint will need to be provided (for now until otherwise stated.) Painting and cleans scheduled same day unless one just wants walls painted.



Pulling weeds/Decorating/planting flowers.



-All Ages- Children


-Caregiving plus light Cleaning $14/hr

Illustrated White Cats



You give us the idea of what you would like and we go find it for you! We will write down the times we are searching Decor for you. 

Stores include: Walmart, Best buy, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, etc.

Online Stores Include: Fingerhut, Amazon


  All paintings start at $50. Depending on size and detail, price can be talked over. Paintings are to be painted as customer requests. Pictures will be sent throughout process unless you would like to be surprised. 

Smallest are 4" X 4" / 5" X 7" / 4" X 6" /11"X14" or smaller- $50 set price

Anything between 11"X14" and 20"X20" $100

Biggest 20" X 20" or bigger $150+ 


All hours with Appointments or Cleanings will be public on our site with initials with a time and date. (No one will know who you are.)


Can Travel! We are out of Middlesex, NC. We can travel, but anything longer than 30 minutes will be added into pricing for travel to and back. $25+ for 30 miles to 60 Miles. Any further $50++

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