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  If you need a professional caregiver, I am here! Maid-n-Nc is here to help your life a better you! I have had nephews and nieces since I was 9 years old. I was also in a caregiving child and development class in highschool.  I have cared for them all. I also have caregiven for others in the 2 years I lived in Alabama. I did not post photos of them due to them not being mine, but if you choose us, you will get updates about them through out the day. 

  If you would like to hire us to take care of a pet, we are here! I obviously love animals. I have no children of my own, but my dog is my child. That is enough said. 


The Lady in the picture-to the left-is a lady I use to caregive for. Hired by a colonial, he wanted me to take care of her. I took care of her, sometimes 24/7 and she became like a grandmother to me.

For Childcare: Games include hide and seek, playing outside, coloring, and tv time.


naptime- only if required by parent

snack time-healthy snacks/or anything parent leaves

Learning- I have a cookie monster technique that kids seem to love and enjoy; picture above. You can Learn letters, numbers, and words!

 She had dementia and I miss her dearly. Sadly I have no way of contacting her anymore. Her dementia got to bad and they had to send her away to get the help she needed. 

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